The LiftMaster Elite Series 3850 Belt Drive Garage Door Opener - 3/4HP

Garage Belt Drive Door Openers from LiftMaster.

The LiftMaster 3850 Belt Drive Garage Door Opener features a powerful 3/4HP drive unit and

equipped with the LiftMaster Battery Backup System for operation during power outages.

The LiftMaster 3850 Belt Drive Garage Door Opener comes with the following standard convenience features:

  • LiftMaster 3850 Battery Backup Unit operates 40 door cycles per 24hrs.
  • LiftMaster 3850 Smooth Start & Stop for reduced operation noise
  • LiftMaster 3850 Auto Force functionality
  • LiftMaster 3850 398LM Smart Garage Door Opener
  • LiftMaster 3850 373P Premium Remote Control
  • LiftMaster 3850 Reliability, Durability & Efficiency with fully enclosed gear case for long life
  • LiftMaster 3850 200 Watt Lighting
  • LiftMaster 3850 6 foot power cord for easy connection
  • LiftMaster 3850 Meets all UL325 Requirements

The LiftMaster 3850 Garage Door Opener also features outstanding safety & Security technology to protect your home and family:

  • LiftMaster 3850 Garage Door Opener Protector System reverses the closing garage door if the sensor light beam is interrupted
  • LiftMaster 3850 Garage Door Opener Sensing Technology stops the door closing upon contact with a person or object
  • LiftMaster 3850 Garage Door Opener Automatic On/Off Light
  • LiftMaster 3850 Garage Door Opener Security+ Rolling Code Technology
  • LiftMaster 3850 Garage Door Opener PosiLock System securely locks your garage door closed
  • LiftMaster 3850 Garage Door Opener Manual Release Handle