Commercial Garage Door Openers

Choose a Commercial Garage Door Opener that fits your needs.

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Trolley operators are typically used for standard lift sectional doors, and are available in light, medium, and industrial-duty.

Jackshaft & Hoist

Jackshaft and Hoist operators are designed for use on rolling doors and grilles, as well as industrial sectional doors with high or vertical lift.

Choose by Application

Light Commercial

Light–duty commercial operators are feature-rich systems that are designed for smooth operation of doors up to 14ft high with faster open and close cycles, built to last and guaranteed to provide years of smooth, trouble-free operation.

Medium & Heavy Commercial

Commercial sites have needs that are very different from residential applications – frequency of use being the most common difference. Whereas the typical garage door opener may only be used a few times daily, a commercial operator may be used several times an hour.